Membership Eligibility

Anyone regardless of race, creed, sex or national origin who is judged sufficiently proficient and wishes to serve the needs of the Lima Area Concert Band is eligible for membership.

Election to Membership

This application form must be completed and returned to the Personnel Manager. Conductor, Section Leader, and Personnel Manager will review to determine qualification, experience and the requirement of the section.

The application will be reviewed and one of several actions will be taken:
 If there is an opening, the application will be given to Section Leader for audition or placement in the section
 If there is no opening, the application will be held until an opening exists in a section
The applicant will be informed if he/she cannot be accepted at this time
An audition by an applicant may be requested at the discretion of the Section Leader

Section seating is the responsibility of the Section Leader. Each member shall have an assigned seat and part.
No new member will play in a major concert without attending at least two full rehearsals.

You may also print the application form, fill it out and return it to P.O.Box 732, Lima, OH  45802. Thank you for your interest!